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Amavasya 2019

Amavasya 2019 

According to the new moon or new moon calendar, it is the date in which the moon disappears and there is a dark shadow overnight. 
The Hindu month is divided into two parts, in which the Moon continues to grow, it is called the Shukla side. After the night of Purnima, the moon disappears completely on the date of Amavasya. This fortnight is called the Krishna Paksha. 
The end of the month of Amanta of the Panchang is also considered on this date. The new moon, which falls on Monday, is called Somavati Amavasya which is considered to be very fruitful. If this date falls on Saturn, then Saturn Amavya is said to be very fortunate. Apart from this, if the new moon of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday remain Anuradha, Vishakha or Swati Nakshatra, it is also considered a very good yoga. 
Amavasya moon
Amavasya moon
The masters of the Amavasya date are considered as patrives, therefore, this date is also considered favorable for Shraddha Karma or Father Peace.

 Importance of new moon

This date is very important in astrological and religious perspective. This date has special significance for getting rid of the paternal defect because on this date it is considered to be very virtuous for the sacrifice, bath, donation etc. 
Deepavali Amavasya is celebrated as the main festival of India. The eclipse on the sun also takes place on this date. If a person is suffering from dysmenorrhea, then the new moon day is considered to be very effective for its liberation.

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