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Ganesh Chaturthi Katha In English

Ganesh Chaturthi Fast Stories -

The description of the stories of Lord Shri Ganesh is found in many texts. Sree Ganesha has many lilas like this, which are similar to the Leela of Krishna. These leela are found in Mudgalpuran, Ganeshpuran, Shivpuran and Brahmavyvarta Purana. 

One such story is the Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Katha which is read on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesha is the god of progress, prosperity, and mangalkari. Where there is a worship of Lord Ganesh, worship of Rudghi-Siddhi and auspiciousness resides. 

In such a place there are notable incidents and misery. Therefore Ganesha ji is worshiped in every house. People keep a statue and picture of Ganesha in their homes. According to Vastu Shastra, the house or house of Ganesha on the main door of the house is the advancement of people living in that house.
Ganesh Chaturthi Katha In English
Ganesh Chaturthi Katha In English

Ganesh Chaturthi fast story-

Shri Ganesh Chaturthi is a legend about fasting- According to legend, once Lord Shankar and Mata Parvati were sitting near Narmada river. There, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Bholenath to spend time with them to spend time. Lord Shankar Chopad got ready to play. But who will decide the defeat in this game? 

In response to this, Lord Bholanath collected some straws and made a statue, gave the life of that statue and gave it to the effigy, saying that son wants to play four-pad. But there is no one to decide on our defeat and victory. So you tell me who of us and who won.

After saying this, Chopad's game started. The game was played three times and incidentally, Parvati Ji won three times. At the end of the game, the boy was asked to make a decision to defeat and win, then the boy said Mahadev was victorious. Hearing this, Mother Parvati became angry. And he came in anger and cursed the child to be lame and lying in a manger. 

The child apologized to the mother and said that it happened like ignorance, that I did not do it in any kind of malice. On asking forgiveness of the child, the mother said that the Nag Kanya will come here for Ganesh Pooja, according to her saying you should do Ganesh fast, you will get me by doing this, by saying this, the mother went to Kailash Mountain with Lord Shiva.
Ganesh Chaturthi Katha In English
Ganesh Chaturthi Katha In English

A year later, Nag Kanya came to that place. The young girl fasted Ganesh Ji for 21 days to find out the method of fasting of Ganesha from Nag Kanya. Ganesh Ji was pleased to see his faith. And Shri Ganesh asked the child to ask for the desired results. The boy said, O Vinayak, give me so much power, that I can walk with my parents on my feet and reach Kailash mountain and they are happy to see it.

Give this blessing to the child, Shri Ganesh has become inestimable. The child then reached Kailash Mountain. And he narrated the story of Lord Mahadev coming to his Kailash mountain. From that day Parvati Ji turned away from Shivaji. Upon the enthusiasm of Goddess Lord Shankar, according to the boy, the fast of Shri Ganesh was done for 21 days. With this effect, the resentment for Lord Bholenath from Mother's mind was ended.

The desire to meet Mahadevji in the mind of Parvati Ji was awakened. They soon came to Kailash Mountains. Upon reaching there, Parvati asked Shivaji - God! You have taken such a step which resulted in your participation. Shivaji told them the history of 'Ganesh Vrat'.

This fasting law told Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati. In the mind of this mother Parvati, the desire to meet her son Kartikeya awakened. Mother also made Ganesh fast for 21 days and worshiped Ganesh Ji with Durva, Flower, and Laddus.

On the 21st day of the fast, Kartikeya should come from Parvati himself. Kartikeya told Vishwamitra this same fast. Vishwamitra fasted from Ganesha by fasting and asked for the upper hand to be 'Brahma-sage'. Ganesha fulfilled his wish Thus, Shri Ganesha Chaturthi is also called the fasting motto. By doing this fast, they fulfill all their wishes.
By doing such a worship, Lord Ganesha is very pleased and fulfills every prayer of his devotees.

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