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Dhanu Sankranti 2019 | Dhanu Sankraman

Dhanu Sankrantis
Dhanu Sankranti 2019 | Dhanu Sankraman
Dhanu Sankranti 2019 | Dhanu Sankraman 

Sankranti square measure days within the zodiac once the sun transits from one zodiac to the opposite. There square measure a complete of twelve sankrantis within the year.

Dhanu Sankranti or Dhanu Sankraman is that the auspicious day once the sun moves into the Sagittarius or the Dhanu Rashi.
The Dhanu Sankranti marks the beginning of the ninth month within the ancient lunisolar calendar and additionally symbolizes the many Dhanur Maas auspicious for the Hindu sect. the Dhanu Sankranti in 2019 is on the sixteenth of Dec, Monday.

The Dhanu Sankranti is well known in AN distinctive manner with abundant eclat and grandeur in Odisha. it's the start of Makar Sankranti. The auspicious day is started with a special puja offered to Lord Jagganath and it's additionally on a daily basis once the Sun God is idolized. Devotees take AN early morning ritual bathtub in sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari etc. as a result of Pousha could be a month of collection harvest, a pageant is organized and a special sweet fabricated from sugared rice flakes known as Dhanu Muan in form} shape is ready and offered to Lord Jagganath.

The celebration of Dhanu and Dhanu Sankranti in Odisha

Dhanu Sankranti
Dhanu Sankranti

Dhanu Yatra is an occasion per se connected to Lord Krishna. It relates to his journey from to Mathura to examine the Dhanu or the Bow ceremony organized by Kansa. this can be the event that is recreated in Odisha, specifically at an area known as Bargarh. throughout this pageant, Bargarh becomes the city of Mathura and also the Jura stream running through it becomes the Yamuna, and also the village Amrapali, placed on the opposite facet of the Jura stream becomes Gokul. The mango grove in between becomes Vrindavan.

Street plays square measure performed depicting varied fascinating episodes of Lord Krishna’s life in of late. They recreate episodes ranging from Krishna’s birth until the killing of the demons by him. All the members of the village participate in these plays with nice enthusiasm and also the plays when being staged in specific place s moves on the city. it's a complete stretch of five kilometers that becomes the stage for these playacting artists.

This diversion continues from the Dhanu Sankranti until successive 10 to 12 days.

Rituals of Dhanu Sankranti

• On this auspicious day, Lord Jagganath is idolized in Odisha

• The Dhanu Yatra pageant takes place in Bargarh in Odisha from these days forrader

• The day is taken into account to be auspicious in doing Daan Dhyan or charity

• The devotees involve themselves in sankraman japa and Pitru Tarapana or ablations to         the forefathers

• The sun God is idolized by giving water, flowers, incense, and lamps.

• Devotees, particularly ladies quick on these days


Thus Dhanu Sankranti could be a nice occasion to supply puja to Jagganath and request his blessings.

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