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Dhanteras Story


Dhanteras Story
As per the Hindu folklore, Lakshmi Puja ought to be done at the Dhanteras all through the Pradosh Kaal (best muhurta for Lakshmi puja). Puja can be begun after the nightfall and end for the next 1 hours and 43 min. The Dhanteras puja is otherwise called the Dhanwantari Triodasi, Dhanvantri Jayanti Puja, Yamadeep and Dhantrayodashi.


Dhanteras 2018 would be commended by the general population in India and also abroad on the fifth of November, on Monday.

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta 2018: Puja will begin at 6:05 pm to 8:00 pm at night. The entire term of puja will be = 1 Hour and 55 Min.


It is the principal day festivity of the five days in length Diwali celebration festivities all through India and additionally outside the nation. The importance of Dhanteras is puja of riches at thirteenth day (in the Krishna Paksha, dim fortnight) of the period of Ashvin as indicated by the Hindu lunar schedule. Goddess Lakshmi puja is held at this day and there is a custom of buying valuable things and get it at home the legend of Lakshmi came at home. It brings home a great deal of fate and success.


At this incredible event individuals, for the most part, repair their home, whitewashing, exhaustive cleaning, embellish house interiorly and exteriorly, make Rangolis, light earth diyas and numerous more customs to take after.

They stick readymade impressions of the Goddess Lakshmi to come riches and success to their home.

After dusk, individuals offer puja to the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh to thriving, insight and prosperity by offering rose or marigold festoon, desserts, ghee diyas, dhoop profound, agarbatti, camphor and so on.

Individuals serenade mantras, bhakti melodies and arti for Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. Individuals wear new garments and adornments and play the session of betting.


The legend behind commending the Dhanteras is the account of 16 years of age child of the King Hima. He was estimated his passing by the snake gnawing on the fourth day of his marriage. His better half was extremely smart and looked through the best approach to spare the life of her significant other. She had not enabled his better half to think about that extraordinary day. She had gathered bunches of her own decorations and coins of gold and silver and influenced a pile at the entryway of his bed to the room and lit lights wherever in the room. She discussed the tales with a specific end goal to keep her better half stir.

The divine force of Death, Yama had landed there as Serpent. All of a sudden his eyes were begun stunning due to the lighting lights and gems. He was not able to go into the room that is the reason he endeavored to experience the moving over the stack of coins. Be that as it may, subsequent to listening to the tune of sovereign's better half he sat down there for an entire night. What's more, gradually it progressed toward becoming morning and he left without taking her significant other. Along these lines, she had spared the life of her better half, from that point the day was begun celebrating as Dhanteras.

Another legend behind observing Diwali, the sea was stirred by Gods and evil spirits to get Amrita or nectar. Dhanvantari (known as a doctor of Gods and an epitome of Lord Vishnu) had developed out (having a jug of solution) from the sea beating. That day is commended as the Dhanteras.

Customs At Dhanters

As indicated by the Hindu folklore there are an assortment of traditions and conventions taken after by the Hindus at this celebration. Individuals think of it as regards purchase things, for example, gold or silver coins, gems articles, new utensils or other new things. Individuals consider that bringing new things at home is the indication of Lakshmi getting back home entire year. Lakshmi Puja is completed in the nights and individuals lit different diyas with a specific end goal to drive out the insidious spirits shadow. Individuals sing bhakti tunes, aarti, and mantras too to drive out the insidious forces.

Individuals in towns improve their dairy cattle and love as they comprehend them their significant wellspring of salary. South Indians offer brightened bovines as an epitome of the Goddess Lakshmi.

Significance Of Dhanteras

Bringing new things at home is considered as the exceptionally promising occasion at the Dhanteras. Individuals perform Lakshmi puja amid the subh muhurta as indicated by the date-book. At a few spots, seven oats (wheat, gram, grain, Urad, Moong, Masoor) are revered while performing puja. Brilliant bloom and desserts are offered amid puja to the Mata Lakshmi.

This celebration assumes an incredible part in the life of each. It brings a great deal of joy, riches, flourishing, shrewdness and great fate for all. Individuals tidy up everything at this day with a specific end goal to expel all the awful vitality and inaction from their environment. Individuals scrub down and wear new garments with a specific end goal to tidy up their body, brain, and soul before performing puja.

As this day is the birthday Dev Dhanwantri, all the new advancements identified with therapeutic science are built up at this day.

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